Ozone Generators

Hoodless Cooking Station

Borasco Ozone Generators are durable, stable and long lasting devices which are manufactured according to the needs of customers. We produce ozone generators in special capacity and designs according to customer and project needs.


You can create a mobile kitchen with Borasco. Our system doesn’t require any hood, chimney, filters and spare parts. You can use any brand cooking appliances on our Borasco Hoodless Cooking Station and you can cook anywhere.


Ozone Applications


Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Borasco® removes all the odor and smoke disposed from kitchen hoods or chimneys. Prevents accumulation of contaminants such as fat, grease, dust etc. therefore keeps your ducts clean and reduces fire risk.
Endüstriyel Koku Giderimi

Industrial Odor Removal

Borasco® Industrial Odor Removal System; removes all odors of factory chimneys, livestock facilities, wastewater facilities, briefly every odor-emmitting facility. Ozone doesn’t mask the odor, destroys it.
Ozon gıda güvenliği

Food Safety

Borasco® Food Safety Systems provide antibacterial, virus free, pesticide free foods for you and  your customers, Also extends shelf life upto 15 days. Either at domestic or commercial you can use Borasco Ozone Systems safely.

Ozone Cold Storage

With the Borasco® Ozone Cold Storage Systems, the bacteria on the surface of the food stored in your cold stores or cold rooms die, the deterioration and decay slows and the shelf life extends.
havuz ozon

Ozone Swimming Pools

Borasco® Ozone Pool Systems can be used in both commercial or individual swimming pools. Your chemical costs such as chlorine, algae remover etc.  are completely eliminated, the water becomes  clear, the filtration performance increases.

Ozone Laundry Systems

With Borasco® Ozone Laundry Systems, you save both hot water and detergent costs and reduce the wear life of your laundry or linens. Since ozone expands the distance between fibres, the dirt removes much more easily than before.

Borasco® Hoodless Cooking Station

With Borasco you can create a mobile kitchen. Choose your concept and choose your desired borasco console. You can use it in airports, shopping malls, outboard actions, hotels, cafes and fish cookers, in short, anywhere with chimney problems. You can connect your cooking device to your desired brand. Remember, Borasco is a smoke and deodorizing system.

New ideas are always important in high quality service and customer satisfaction. With Borasco, we can develop these ideas together. By contacting our project team, we can project the details of your place and present the finished version to you.

You want to create a brand? Borasco is with you. With ready concepts, you can be one of the world-renowned franchise companies. We prepare the concept, think about your brand!