Borasco® Food Disinfection Sink

Borasco® food disinfection sink is made of entirely stainless steel with high ozone transfer capacity. By providing the necessary ozone transfer to the water with its built-in pump, it is ensured that the ozone water is in contact with the food by moving the food with bubbles. With the Borasco® Food Disinfection Sink, you don’t need chemicals to disinfect your food. It removes all bacterias and viruses in minutes and leaves no harmful residue.

Since your food is clear from all harmful microorganisms your foods shelf life will be extended.

It’s a great tool for commercial or industrial kitchens.

»High voltage, high frequency
»Cell type corona discharge
»Ready-to-use, user-friendly controls
»Long life corona cell, very low maintenance cost
»Ozone indicator light
»Fully stainless material
» Resistance
»Air cooled ozone cell
»Low energy consumption
»Wastewater drainage

Foods that are washed with ozone water (vegetables, fruits, meat, chicken, fish, etc. Oz) and items are purified from harmful microbial and chemical substances. Vegetable and fruit pesticide (pesticide) residue and aflatoxin parts. It is a much more effective and natural disinfectant than chlorine.

Borasco Food Disinfection Tub can be produced with any size and capacity.

Model : BR-005
Ozone Production (g/s) : 0-5
Power Consumption (W) : 175
Capacity : 100 lt
Enclosure : CrNi
Dimensions (mm) : 1200*700*850
Weight (kg) : 30