Who We Are?

Established in 2000, Bodrum Industrial Kitchen Ltd. Co. was established in the gastronomy sector with projects, production, sales, installation, maintenance and after-sales service departments.

With our successfully completed great projects, our brand Gastro Industrial Kitchen has become a young, innovative, R&D company in our industry. With hotel technologies and applications, our brand Gastro is in cooperation with architecths, engineers and investors.

In 2009 we started our R&D process about our new front cooking unit “Borasco” and released on market in 2012. Right after the market launch, in 03/12, Borasco won it’s first award “special environmental award” which is one of the very special awards of TUSID (International Businessman Association of Turkey).

In 2012, under our Borasco brand, we started installation of ozone systems. With our experienced engineers and technicians; we’ve completed a lot of successfull projects in various industries from tourism to waste water, factories to restaurants.

Borasco commits satisfying and exceeding all expectations in all product and services with active paticipation of all employees. Customer satisfaction is achieved by ensuring that business processes are meticulously managd.

To this end, we have adopted the design, procurement and cost control elements as a policy to continually improve the customer relations in order to create maximum value and to provide a solution to the customer rather than a problem.

Ontime delivery and successfull installation is our pride.

Innovative and Open Minded Production

Gastro Kitchen, which has been following and applying to today’s technology developments, has been awarded TUSİAD Special Environmental Award as well as Industrial Design and Innovation Award by producing the “Borasco” Cooking System without Cooking Hood which is not comparable with the other
Ar-Ge departmanı ile 2008 yılından beri çalışmaktadır. Bu ürün şu anda tüm dünya pazarında hizmet vermektedir.

Gastro Kitchen, endüstriyel mutfak sektöründe farklı bir bakış açısıyla yeni fikirler üretmeyi hedefliyor.
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