Mobile Sterilization Unit – Portable – Ceiling Mounted

Multiple application areas. Tables, beds, reception, hotel rooms, common areas. With UV sterilization device, you can sterilize whatever you want from 5 cm distance with UV light. Thus, you can provide a safer sterile environment for your guests. UV rays, one of the most important disinfection systems of advancing technology, are used in many fields. It provides 99% cleaning as long as it is applied correctly.

» Compact design
» Shockproof, stainless enclosure
» UV Technology
» UV lamp protection
» Cable length of 3 meters
» On-off button
» Heat resistant handle
» CE Certified

Model : BR-004
UV PRoduction : No Limit
Power Consumption (W) : 15
On-off : Included
Enclosure Material : Stainless Steel
Dimensions (mm) : 500*100*100mm
Weight (kg) : 500 gr