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Ozone is a strong oxidizer which is very safe to use in foods. It is the safest and guaranteed way to increase your production, fresh taste, fresh appearance and long shelf life.

Customer always expects high quality product. This concern applies to both customers and kitchens. The natural way to offer fresh products to the customer is to extend the shelf life of the products at hand. While the chemicals used in traditional food washing systems are not as effective as they are considered, they affect both taste and odor.

Ozone is the triathomic form of oxygen and is the most effective disinfection method. Ozone, as an oxidizing agent, is 200 times more effective than chlorine.

Since ozone is a safe, extremely powerful disinfectant and oxidizing agent, it is also used to control the growth of unwanted organisms in foods and equipment used in the food processing industry. Ozone does not work with the method of poisoning microorganisms like other chemicals used in food washing. Instead, it destroys these microorganisms by oxidation. As a result, it is impossible for a microorganism to form any oxidation resistance

Advantages of Ozone:

  • The strongest oxidizer available
  • Reduces the number of digestive microorganisms in the wash water and on the surface of the product
  • Removes pesticides on food
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No need to take, store or transport chemical consumables
  • 3000 times faster than chlorine
  • Kills pathogens instantly
  • It does not leave chemical waste, the raw material is converted to oxygen.
  • HACCP (Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point) ensures that results of risk analysis at critical points result in positive results,

The very low monthly usage cost (electricity energy only) provides a significant reduction in the use of chemicals.
Borasco Systems is very simple and automatic operation does not require extra time and personnel.
Kills bacteria and viruses, prevents the formation.
Provides a result-oriented exact solution.

Borasco® Ozone Food Safety

* 3000 times faster than chlorine
* Kills all known bacteria, viruses and fungi.
* Ozone is a natural gas
* Does not leave chemical waste behind
* It becomes oxygen again.

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