Borasco® Duct Type Ozone Generator

The ozone generator Borasco®  BR-001 is a high performance duct type ozone generators. With it’s powerful blower it can overcome any pressure in kitchen ventilation systems. With it’s high technology components and high quality material, Borasco®  always produces same amount of ozone. Borasco® ozone generators are essential for commercial kitchens.

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  •  Compact design
  •  Impact resistant, stainless steel enclosure
  •  Cell-type corona discharge
  •  Ozone indication lamp
  •  High current, high temperature protection
  •  0-100% adjustable ozone production
  •  Can be adapted to BMS
  •  CE Certified

​The Borasco® Duct Type Ozone Generator always offers high performance and high efficiency to its customers. Borasco® Duct type ozone generator can be upgraded and  modified  according to customer’s requirements.

Model : BR-001 BR-001S
Ozone Production (g/s) : 0-35 0-50
Power Consumption (W) : 350 450
Adjustable : 1-100% 1-100%
Enclosure : CrNi CrNi
Dimensions (mm) : 400*335*600 400*335*600
Weight (kg) : 26 26