Borasco® Knife Sterilization Cabinet

Your knives can contain bacteria, viruses, germs, etc., after your blades have been washed, which may remain on your hands, or may spread to your blades with cross-contamination. Kills all types of microorganisms and prevents their reproduction. Borasco® Knife Sterilization Cabinet is an indispensable tool for fastidious chefs with its stylish design and easy handling.

All Borasco® Ozone Generators contain the same quality ozone technology. Borasco® Knife Sterilization Cabinet uses ozone gas, not UV, just like its counterparts. This enables more powerful, faster and efficient sterilization in less time.

»High sterilization power
»High voltage, high frequency
»Plate-type corona technology
»Ready to use immediately
»Long life corona cell
»Ozone indicator light
»Stainless Outside Cabin
»Plexiglass locked cover

Borasco Knife Disinfection Cabinet can be produced with any size and capacity.

Model : BR-004
Ozone Production (g/s) : 0.5
Power Consumption (W) : 5
Capacity : 10 knives
Enclosure : CrNi
Dimensions (mm) : 496*98*600
Weight (kg) : 4.9