Ozone for Commercial Kitchens

Borasco is a very powerful system designed for odor removal, cleaning and disinfection of kitchen exhausts and ducts. Borasco is a system that is specially designed for kitchen exhausts and ducts and produces ozone by corona discharge method.

Ozone gas is produced from only one substance; oxygen. Therefore, it does not need a consumable, spare parts. Ozone is a very powerful disinfectant and oxidant. Due to the strong oxidizing structure of ozone, all metal or non-metallic surfaces are disinfected and no pathogen and contaminant can be contained in the exhaust and ducts. In addition, ozone is a method of self-cleaning of nature and leaves no harmful substances behind it. Reacts in the applied area, solves the problem and transforms into oxygen without leaving any residue.

Benefits of Borasco:

  • Borasco; kills bacteria, fungi, mold, spores, viruses, all the undesirable microorganisms. Prevents the spread of microorganisms into the kitchen.
  • Borasco; cleans fats, solids, dusts, flying particles and other contaminants, keeps exhaust and channels clean. This greatly reduces the risk of fire in the channels.
  • Borasco; destroys all kinds of odor and smoke. In this way, the smell of smoke and smoke outside the environment and surrounding buildings are prevented from disturbing.
  • The cleaning costs of the ventilation system are considerably reduced, the life of the system is extended

How does Borasco work?

Ozone gas reacts with odor molecules and smoke, oxidizes and emits carbon dioxide and water vapor. After the reaction is finished, ozone itself is transformed into oxygen, which is its raw material.
Ozone, the form of smoke in the form of carbon dioxide, water and small polymerized oils to prevent the holding of the chimney. It is disposed of in a harmless way from the chimney.

Ozone, with its powerful disinfection and oxidation ability, reacts instantly with all microorganisms and kills them all.

Borasco provides absolute sanitation and disinfection at every point in your professional kitchen.

BR - 1 Duct Type Ozone Generator

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