Ozone Threshold Levels

PPM – What is PPB? PPM (one million particles) – PPB (one billionth part) Ozone’s air and water concentration is shown as) PPM da or PP PPB PP. 1 ppm in air is equal to approximately 2.1mgr / m3 ozone. Although depending on the sun, season and geographic location, as the height increases, the ozone concentration also increases.

Ozone concentration in air,

0.003 – 0,015 Feeling of smell.
0.003 – 0.005 ppm In a clean air, sea level concentration is found.
0.005 – 0,010 Forest air.
At levels of 0,010 ppm, disinfectant and its effects begin. Although it depends on the sensitivity of the person, this level of smell begins to feel.
0.020 ppm destroys 90% of the airborne bacteria.
0,020 – 0,050 There is also air after lightning. It can reach 0,100 ppm after a lightning storm.
0.050 Continuous inhalation FDA safety level. (It can stay in unlimited time up to 0.050 ppm concentration.)
The time limitation is given as a safety level by FDA (0.1 ppm) for 8 hours / day.
0.120 ppm was determined as the city air threshold level by EPA.
1,000 – 2,0 Known as human tolerance levels. (cough, throat dryness, tears, that is, from this border structure, nasal burns, tears, such as an ozonated environment with reactions such as refusal to stay. Asthma in the body is affected more, even at this level, ozone can not be said to cause permanent damage to the body. within a few hours the body will repair itself.
5,000-10 Pulses, body pain, numbness can be observed. If exposure continues, pulmonary edema occurs.
15.0 – 20.0 Small animals die for 2 hours.
50. ppm Human life is also in danger for 1 hour.