Borasco® Portable Ozone Generator 2000 gr

Borasco® Portable Ozone Generator is a high performance portable ozone generator. Thanks to its high concentration, BR-002 , which exhibits highly successful perormance even in in water applications, produces the amount you always need with stable ozone gas production. With its ergonomic structure and light weight, Borasco® BR-002 Ozone Generator is an indispensable solution for all sectors.

» Compact design
» Shockproof, White painted enclosure
» Cell type corona discharge
» Adjustable timer
» CE Certified

Model : BR-002-B
Ozone Output (O3g/h) : 0-5
Power Consumption (W) : 60
Timer : 1-120 dk
Enclosing Material : Beyaz Sac
Dimensions (mm) : 125*260*170mm
Weight (kg) : 4.9