Vegetable and Fruit Ozone Sterilization Tub Automatic-BR.10

Borasco® BR-10 is a completely disinfectable food disinfection tub with high ozone transfer capacity. With its built-in pump, it provides the necessary ozone transfer to the water, while at the same time, it moves the food through the bubbles to contact the ozone water everywhere. With Borasco®BR-10 Disinfection Tub, you do not need chemicals used for cleaning foods, it is a great tool for commercial or industrial kitchens.

3.2×1 03 Coliform Bacteria load was detected on a lettuce taken from the market. When the same lettuce was kept in the Borasco Food Disinfection sink for 10 minutes and analyzed again, it was found that the bacterial load decreased by 99.9%.

»High voltage, high frequency
»Made of 304 quality stainless steel
»Automatic water filling mechanism
»Cell type corona discharge
»It has a touch control panel.
»Air cooled ozone cell
»It has 5-stage water control according to all kinds of vegetables and fruits.
»Ozone indicator lamp
»Long life corona cell, very low maintenance cost
»Ready-to-use, user-friendly controls
»Capacity: 150/200 / 250lt
»Low energy consumption
»Wastewater drainage

Model : 120-140-180x70x85 cm
Material : 304 stainless steel
Display : Touch control
Mode : 5 different level
Power : 220 V
Ozone Cell : Air cooled
Optional : Pressured washing and shower head