Vegetable and Fruit Pressure Wash Sink Automatic - BR-07

Borasco® BR-07 is a food washing sink is made of stainless steel. It provides the necessary pressure to the water with its internal pump, while at the same time it moves the food with bubbles to remove dust soil, residue and particles in the food.

Borasco® BR-07 Pressure Washing sink is a great tool for commercial or industrial kitchens. It can be used in hotels, catering companies, restaurants, vegetable preparation or washing departments.

» Thanks to the pre-washing system, it is possible to clean the surface residues without touching the vegetables and fruits.
» Made of 304 quality stainless steel
» Automatic water filling mechanism
» It has smart sink sensor control.
» It has a touch control panel.
» It has 5-stage water control according to all kinds of vegetables and fruits.
» Capacity: 150/200 / 250lt

Model : 120-140-180x70x85 cm
Material : Stainless steel
Display : Touch control
Mode : 5 different level mode
Power : 220 V