Wall-type Air Ionizer and Air Purification Unit – Remote Control- BR-08

With Borasco Ionizer, you can make your indoor environment conditions more comfortable and sterile. It effectively removes 99% of existing microorganisms in the room. Thanks to the fan system inside, it draws the dirty air and passes it through the state-of-the-art electrostatic filter and gives it back to the environment after being ozonated, free from bacteria and viruses. Thanks to its smart system, it switches on and off at certain times in order for the air in the room to reach the best quality. It also provides an effective solution for factors such as unwanted odor and smoke in the environment used.

It is remote controlled.

It can work with 3 Different Modes with the remote.

Fan mode, Electrostatic mode, Ozone mode.

» Stainless steel enclosure
» Electrostatic and Ozone technology
» Ergonomic design
» Remote control
» UV-C output 17,0 W
» Restaurants, hotels, offices, showrooms etc. The most suitable application for environments with permanent people inside.
» Application area : 60-150 m2
(Custom production can be made according to your square meter)

Model : 400*270*442mm
Material : Stainless steel
Capacity : 520 m3/h
Mod options : 3
Application area : 60-150 m2
Installation : Wall mounted
Power : 220 V